Birth Assistant/Doula

Julie has been helping women during the process of becoming pregnant, during their pregnancy and post partum for 20 years. She has completed her training in this cycle by becoming a Professional Birth Doula, also known as a Labor Assistant where she assists the mother and partner during the birth of the baby.

The pupose of a Doula is to help women and their partners become active participants in their birth and to support them so that they may feel a sense of confidence and power that can be carried forward into their parenting as well as into their daily lives. Pregnancy, labor and birth serve a purpose ~ to help prepare the way to raise a child.

All women benefit from support and resources that will help them be aware of, and educated about the options and choices that are available so that they may make informed decisions
concerning their whole birth experience. That is our job and also to help a woman or couple actively participate in the birth, with the goal that they will have a healthier birth for the baby, the parents and the family; physically and emotionally. Studies show that birthing assistance can reduce the need for pain medication, c sections and anxiety of this wonderful process.

Being your doula:
Phone consult and ongoing check ins
Prenatal meeting at office or home of mother
StressManagement education through zoom
Full labor assistance
One postpartum visit

The cost:
$1,000 ($500 during first meeting and $500 2 weeks before due date)If for some reason, Julie is not at the birth  (weather, unexpected travel, premature delivery for example, The second installment of the $500will not be due.   Additional sessions of Craniosacral Therapy can be highly effective in reducing stress and discomfort and providing optimal relaxation and postitioning of the pelvic area.

Contact Julie by email or phone at 513.509.9333 to see if this is something that will work for you.