<h3“Julie ascertains what her clients need to heal, creates a space for healing to begin, and soothes the soul.”Mary R

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Julie Douglas Kippins

About 20 years ago my interests and life led me in new directions from the fast paced business world to healing work. I have always considered myself as being fairly balanced in the left and right brain. I love being out there in the business world and I love being in those extended periods of being totally present and in meditation. I have studied with some great teachers (and plan to continue that forever), established a great company 19 years ago, First Health Works, Inc. and love what I do. I have, over the years, developed some ways of teaching some ancient practices that allow everyone to not only understand what Mind/Body work is about but also makes it easy to accomplish.

Below are some cool things I have done as far as a background. I’d say my passion is helping people have a better life such as relieving physical symptoms, managing the stress and understanding how our mind affects our body.

Some of my education include:

Harvard Medical School in Mind/Body Clinical Practice

Education Degree at Xavier University

An MBA at Xavier

Certification as a Craniosacral Therapist (Milne Institute, Inc.)

MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stressed Reduction) training (Jon Kabat-Zinn) through University of Massachusettes

Energy work withRosalyn Bruyere

Trained as a Coach in Biofeedback

Certified Yoga Teacher RYT500

Daily practice of Meditation and Mindfulness