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“I have been a client of and have frequently referred patients to Julie for more than 7 years. I have had excellent personal results from her treatment as a craniosacral therapist. She has treated me for back pain, stress management, jaw dysfunction, energy work and personal guidance. Her unique talents as a therapist and her natural caring personality make referring patients to her something I do with confidence and without hesitation. Julie’s treatment has given me new perspective on body awareness that I would not have gained elsewhere and I consistently receive positive feedback from those I have referred to her.”
Dr. Brian McMaster

“I really appreciate your ability to listen not just with the ears, but with the heart and without judgment, and your seemingly simple, though subtle and profound, way of working with the body’s energy. My sessions with you helped me, though consciously unaware at the time, to open up inwardly to the point I was able to accept my true spiritual path when it presented itself to me. Thank you.”
Kevin A

“Thank you for taking the time to visit with the ICD Support Group. I can’t tell you how many positive comments I received Tuesday night. I actually saw people come in very stressed and leave more at peace. How awesome that was. You did a wonderful job connecting with these folks (and the rest of us too!) and for that I am truly grateful. I hope our paths cross again.”
F. Wood, Jewish Hospital ICD

Julie’s knowledge of Mindful Meditation is deep and she leads the participants in a gentle, kind, non threatening manner. No matter what your level of knowledge and practice of meditation, Julie will help deepen it.
Maggie T., yoga teacher

Julie’s Mindfulness Meditation class has been a wonderful and awesome jouney in exploring the inner self and developing a practice of meditation. I enjoyed so much the connection to nature, to the other members in the class and to the depths within. The full day retreat was especially delightful.
Mary R. Character Council

“I am not one to really do out of the box, meditation work…but I heard about Julie’s incredible talent to help people deal with stress through energy work that helps you connect mind, body, and spirit. I was worried that she was some “granola” type that would not connect with me as a hard charging business person, but as soon as I met her those concerns melted away after she spent time sharing what she has learned in her life and journey. I was amazed and impressed by her total understanding of what today’s high pace lifestyle does to working women and she really helped me work through understanding what triggers my stress and how to prevent those triggers. Each person is different, what works for me, won’t work for others…Julie coaches you through her unique process to discover and yourself so that you can stay grounded. She creates and environment that helps you to find balance and provides tools for the real world.”
Donna D., president Blue Chip Cookies

“This class has given my a true realization of past habits that impacted my ability to move forward. Through the various types of meditation practices and mindfulness, I have begun to take the steps to be more present in my life and let go of my past habits. I would recommend this class to everyone!
Cindy Freeman, Speech Therapist, Hyde Park Health Center

“Your caring, healing soul helped set me on the path to healing and I do believe, looking back, it may have been the main thing that kept me alive. You changed my life. I have been feeling much better and I can praise you for that. I cant tell you how thankful I am that your healing touch came into my life.”
Laura B

“The moment I met Julie I knew she was a kind, caring and knowledgeable practitioner. Through Julie’s expertise and broad skill set, I learned ways to relax and lessen severe and chronic pain. But more importantly, through her support and tireless positive reinforcement I learned to have hope that eventually things would improve – and they did! I highly recommend Julie to anyone looking to improve their health and well-being.”
Maureen R.

“After hearing about craniosacral therapy several times in as many years and then struggling with nearly constant back and hip pain for many months, I finally followed a recommendation to see Julie in late 2009. Julie offers a unique and much-appreciated blend of qualities as a therapist. In our sessions, she has displayed professionalism, current knowledge in her field, enthusiastic teaching and modeling of good health, open-mindedness, and flexibility, all the while exuding genuine warmth and caring. She is an exceptional therapist and person.”
Kelly Kuhn

“You have inspired me and have had such an impact on my life and you need to know this. I truly am grateful for knowing you.”
Jim E

“My experience with Julie’s practice is that through her mindfulness and gentle spirit, she ascertains what her clients need to heal, creates a space for healing to begin and soothes the soul.”
Mary R

“Julie is very concerned about her clients and will use the kind of therapy that will best serve the client. She has a broad base of experience as owner of her own business and continues to study different methods to increase her knowledge of what can work for different circumstances that her clients may need.”
Jill WK

“What I appreciated about your workshop were practical ideas to enhance my life – and techniques to use with clients who desperately need stress relief in their busy, complex lives. Your methods work for me and for my clients! Bravo!”
Dianne O. social worker, Health Alliance

“Julie was able to teach stress management techniques that were easy to use and understand. She provided encouragement and motivation to continue self-care after the session. Our staff felt great at the end of this seminar!”
Dianne C. Employee Assistance Director, University Hospitals

“I wanted to send you a note about E. After his most recent plastic surgery appointment we found out that he won’t need corrective surgery for his torticollis. The doctor even said what a great job was done because he remembered how messed up this kid was (his words). Of course we are elated. I want to thank you so much and tell you how grateful I am that you do the work you do. Without you and craniosacral therapy, E. would have gone through a painful procedure and recovery with no guarantee of a permanent fix.”
A grateful mom, Angie W

“Julie provided therapy for me on a few occasions for both preventative and restorative health needs. Her gentle and effective way of healing provided a wonderful alternative at times when I needed restoration beyond prescriptive medicine. I am most grateful for her response to my dibilitating migrains, for which she even gave me effective tools for chasing them away before onset!! Haven’t had one since.”
Michelle Andersen, president of Flourish